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August 2016 - DMG just published a new paper in Nature Materials describing how low-temperature solution processing can be used to create 'nanocrystal-in-glass' electrochromic films.

August 2016 - Read our new paper in collaboration with the Truskett group on the theory of linker gels.

May 2016 - Congratulations Amy on her publication in ACS Nano studying oxygen incorporation and release in bixbyite V2O3 nanocrystals!

May 2016 - In our latest publication, we investigate the role of shape and crystalline anisotropy on the plasmonic properties of cesium-doped tungsten oxide nanocrystals. The article was selected as an ACS Editor's Choice, and is published with open access!

May 2016 - Nature Communications just published Rob's study of single nanocrystal mid-infrared spectroscopy to probe heterogeneity in ensembles of plasmonic metal oxide nanocrystals. Congratulations Rob!

April 2016 - Evan's much-anticipated 'Cheetos' paper, investigating the high mobilities and defect properties of cerium-doped indium oxide, was just published in Nano Letters!

March 2016 - A new article by Yang, Evan and Delia was just published in Annual Reviews about the frontiers of smart window technology.

February 2016 - Delia was selected as a 2016 Sloan Research Fellow by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

February 2016 - DMG welcomes visiting researchers Anthony Maho, from the University of Liège, and Susanne Skjærvø, from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, to Austin! Susanne is exploring structural evolution of alkali niobates and Anthony is studying deposition methods for thin film electrochromic materials.

December 2015 - Find the preliminary program for the 2016 GRC on Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals here and the affiliated GRS here. See you there!

November 2015 - In a new paper we explain that nanocrystal-block copolymer assemblies follow thermodynamic and kinetic assembly principles on different length scales.

November 2015 - Delia joins the Nano Letters team as an Associate Editor!

October 2015 - Congratulations to group member Kristen Miller and her mentor Camila Saez for being awarded an Undergraduate Research Fellowship!

October 2015 - In Angewandte Chemie, we explain how to make nanocrystals form highly open networks, based on thermodynamics not kinetics. First fruits of a new collaboration with Truskett and Ellison in UT ChE!

October 2015 - A warm DMG welcome to Shin-Hum Cho and Lauren Gilbert! Lauren and Shin are both first-year graduate students in Texas ChemE, and you can find out more about our new members here.

October 2015 - Omid Zandi, the latest addition to the Milluminati, joined the group this week as a postdoc. Welcome Omid!

September 2015 - Welcome to our fall semester undergrad researchers!

July 2015 - Postdoc Jongwook Kim will join the faculty of École Polytechnique in January 2016. Congratulations Prof. Kim!

July 2015 - Our latest publication describes how controlling architecture of a nanocomposite can enable rapid, high contrast modulation of solar near infrared and visible light.

July 2015 - Congratulations to Ankit for passing his prelim exam!

July 2015 - The Milliron group's latest article was just published in JACS! The study investigates dual-mode electrochromism in doped titania nanocrystals. Check it out!

July 2015 - Delia is recognized with a Resonate Award from Caltech's Resnick Institute!

July 2015 - Congratulations to Milluminati postdoc Jongwook Kim on his selection for the prestigious Distinguished Young Scholars' Seminar series at University of Washington Chemical Engineering. This program highlights the most exciting emerging faculty candidates.

May 2015 - Check out our new paper collaborating with the Helms group to show how plasmonic oxide nanocrystals can optically detect redox events in (bio)chemical environments.

May 2015 - Our new JACS Communication explores how two dopants collude to induce dimerization of CIGS nanorods.

April 2015 - Delia has been selected as one of 16 professors across the U.S. to be a member of the 2016-2017 Defense Science Study Group.

April 2015 - More good news for the Milliron Group - Gary Ong just passed his qualifying exam in Materials Science at Berkeley. Great work Gary!

April 2015 - Camila is awarded a scholarship by the Pan American Round Table/Organization of American States. Congratulations!

April 2015 - Gabriel has accepted a faculty position at the University of Tulsa. Congratulations Prof. LeBlanc!

March 2015 - Welcome prospective UT students! Please visit us at NHB 6.350 to tour the lab and meet the group, or contact Delia with any questions. Enjoy the visit!

February 2015 - Congratulations to Clay on passing his prelim exam in the Chemical Engineering Department!

December 2014 - In a new JACS paper we collaborated with the Gamelin group to explore the relationship between photodoping and aliovalent doping of Sn-In2O3 (ITO) nanocrystals.

September 2014 - Congratulations to Rob on being awarded an ALS Doctoral Fellowship in Residence for his work on spectroscopy of plasmonic metal oxide nanocrystals.

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