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May 2015 - Check out our new paper collaborating with the Helms group to show how plasmonic oxide nanocrystals can optically detect redox events in (bio)chemical environments.

May 2015 - Our new JACS Communication explores how two dopants collude to induce dimerization of CIGS nanorods.

April 2015 - Delia has been selected as one of 16 professors across the U.S. to be a member of the 2016-2017 Defense Science Study Group.

April 2015 - More good news for the Milliron Group - Gary Ong just passed his qualifying exam in Materials Science at Berkeley. Great work Gary!

April 2015 - Camila is awarded a scholarship by the Pan American Round Table/Organization of American States. Congratulations!

April 2015 - Gabriel has accepted a faculty position at the University of Tulsa. Congratulations Prof. LeBlanc!

March 2015 - Welcome prospective UT students! Please visit us at NHB 6.350 to tour the lab and meet the group, or contact Delia with any questions. Enjoy the visit!

February 2015 - Congratulations to Clay on passing his prelim exam in the Chemical Engineering Department!

December 2014 - In a new JACS paper we collaborated with the Gamelin group to explore the relationship between photodoping and aliovalent doping of Sn-In2O3 (ITO) nanocrystals.

September 2014 - Congratulations to Rob on being awarded an ALS Doctoral Fellowship in Residence for his work on spectroscopy of plasmonic metal oxide nanocrystals.

August 2014 - Congrats to Amy on an NSF GROW Fellowship! NSF and the Research Council of Norway will support Amy's extended research visit to Norway in 2015.

August 2014 - Congrats to Dr. Lounis! Sebastien has graduated with his PhD in Applied Science and Technology from UC Berkeley.

July 2014 - Delia provides commentary in Nature Materials on the latest advances in nanocrystal solar cells.

July 2014 - Welcome to the newest addition to the Milliron group, Yang Wang, who has joined the group as a postdoc.

July 2014 - We've published a paper together with the Neaton group that explores how molecular adsorbates strongly tune surface potential in vacuum as well as electrolyte.

June 2014 - A new review of nanostructured smart window materials was just published, congratulations Evan, Anna, Sebastien and Delia! Read here to learn more about recent progress in nanocrystal electrochromism.

May 2014 - The Milliron Group welcomes Amita Joshi, who will be joining the group as a postdoc. Welcome!

April 2014 - A new article was published in JACS, reporting on the inhomogeneous distribution of tin dopants within ITO nanocrystals, and the corresponding effects on plasmonic properties.

April 2014 - A review article discussing the role of doping in plasmonic nanocrystals has been published in J Phys Chem Lett. Great work Sebastien, Evan, Anna and Delia!

April 2014 - The Milliron group is grateful to the Welch Foundation for supporting our research to understand plasmons in metal oxide nanocrystals with a new grant.

March 2014 - Congrats to Evie, who has accepted a Senior Chemist position with Heliotrope, and to Renjia who is now a Process Integration Engineer at Linea!

March 2014 - Two new collaborative papers are published! We collaborated with Brett Helms' group to study the influence of surface chemistry on transport through PbSe nanocrystal networks [paper] and with several staff at the Foundry to establish design rules for single nanocrystal upconverting probes [paper].

March 2014 - Join Delia (vice chair) and Milliron group members at the Gordon Research Conference on Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals this July 20-25!

February 2014 - Two new exciting papers from the Milliron group were accepted earlier this year! The group’s first exploration of a full electrochromic device, studying mesoscale transport properties, was published in January. Also, a new paper this past month introduces a novel colloidal synthesis of doped tungsten bronze nanocrystals that show highly shape-dependent surface plasmon resonance properties.

February 2014 - Ankit and Ye have passed their qualifying exams in chemical engineering at UT Austin. Congrats, Ye and Ankit!

January 2014 - Amy has passed her qualifying exam in the material science and engineering. Congrats, Amy!

November 2013 - Rob has passed his qualifying exam in physical chemistry. Congrats, Rob!

November 2013 - Ankit Agrawal and Ye Yuan have joined the group. Both are 1st year PhD students in chemical engineering at UT Austin. Welcome, Ankit and Ye!

October 2013 - Jessy has accepted a research position at PARC starting January, 2014. Congrats, Jessy!

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