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Our research synthesizes the fundamental chemistry of colloidal nanocrystals, the development of methods for their integration into novel nanomaterials and the systematic investigation of their properties and applications. We are a collaborative team of chemists, physicists, materials scientists, and engineers motivated by the challenges of next-generation electronic devices and energy technologies
milliron group

The Milliron Research Group, July 2021. Front (left to right): Stephen Gibbs, Xing Yee Gan, Allison Green, Sofia Shubert, Charles Kofi Ofosu, Delia Milliron, Benjamin Zydlewski. Middle (left to right): Kihoon Kim, Jiho Kang, Vikram Lakhanpal, Hsin-Che Lu. Back (left to right): Jay Bender, Victor Segui Barragan, Christopher Dean, Benjamin Roman.